Community Guidelines

Updated November 1, 2021

You may not share or distribute digital editions (ie. PDF copies). Each digital edition is licensed for one person only.

Sharing digital editions or access codes under any circumstances is copyright infringement. We take our intellectual property rights very seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy toward online piracy.

You may only post content related to Bridget Coloring Press .

  • You may not share artwork by other artists, brands, or companies.
  • You may not share pages completed by other colorists.
  • You may not share blank coloring pages (including free pages).
  • You may not share content which may offend some members.
  • You may not advertise other groups, websites, and social media pages.
  • You may not promote any product or service for commercial gain (ie. where you or someone you know makes money).

Make our community a great experience for everyone.

  • Keep all conversations positive, respectful, and “drama-free”.
  • Value the privacy of other members and keep your relationships “online-only”.
  • Report posts that are not following our community guidelines.
  • You may not block any “admins” or “moderators”.
  • You are always welcome to send us private messages with your questions and suggestions.

Thank you for reviewing our guidelines. We appreciate you being part of our community.